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Levin Crane Hire provides a complete crane service in Levin. We have a 30 tonne crane for hire, which is a mobile type. Our crane is well maintained, and ready to perform any task you require, we will lift anything from water tanks, trusses, concrete panels, even the playhouse.If your unsure about a lift just as, we love a challenge.  We have a fantastic track record for safety, with an expert operator over 50 years in the industry . We offer prompt, reliable service and efficient processes. Levin Crane Hire's team integrates well into any project, and will meet all deadlines and quotas. For more information, please contact our team in Levin. We're sure to have the perfect crane for your needs. 


Levin Crane Hire is a leading provider of crane hire in Levin and surrounding areas.  We have everything you would expect in a crane service provider.


Our fleet is constantly, expertly maintained and kept in premium condition.


About us

When you require cranes for any type of project, there's certain qualities you look for. You need top-quality cranes, reliable & experienced operators, and trained supervisors. It is this, and more, that you can expect from Levin Crane Hire. Over the years we have cultivated a reputation for excellence, due in part to our sterling safety record.. For the answers to any questions you may have, or to make a booking, please give our crane service professional a call in Levin. 

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